Netherlands Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania

Visit of Lithuanian Minister of Energy to the Netherlands

June 27-28, the Lithuanian Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis paid a visit to the Netherlands to explore possible bilateral cooperation in the field of liquefied gas (LNG) and biomass between Lithuania the Netherlands.

During a ministerial meeting in The Hague, the ministers of both countries discussed EU's energy issues and bilateral cooperation in the field of liquefied gas (LNG) and biomass. Mr. Masiulis also presented the Lithuanian energy strategy.

'Lithuania has a strong possibility to become the LNG leader of the region. We have already acquired competences that need to be fostered. Therefore we cooperate with the Netherlands with unique experience in the field of LNG. Only by exchanging best practices can we make the best decisions. We are interested in the use of LNG in public transport, transportation of liquified gas to more distant regions, development and application of new technologies,' Minister Masiulis said after the meeting.

Minister Kamp added: 'Today we highlighted the importance of joining efforts towards energy transition, for a European secure and low-carbon energy economy. I support the energy cooperation between The Netherlands and Lithuania and I welcome the initiatives by Dutch and Lithuanian companies and knowledge institutes to work together in the field of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). LNG as a fuel for transport will contribute to a cleaner and sustainable transport sector, in particular for shipping and heavy road transport.’

A letter of intent was signed between the Dutch National LNG Platform and the five Lithuanian partners seeking to develop the Lithuanian LNG market: the University of Klaipėda, Klaipėdos Nafta, Amber Grid, Lietuvos dujų tiekimas and Litgas. In addition, memoranda of understanding were signed between Klaipėda University and Hanze University, and between Energy Training Centre and Lauwershorst Groep.

The Minister’s visit to the Netherlands is a direct result of the first Lithuanian – Netherlands Gas forum, which was held in Vilnius November last year. The forum was aimed at creating cooperation between Lithuania and the Netherlands in the field of LNG, promoting research in its technology applications, and developing a regional LNG center in Klaipėda.

Minister Masiulis was accompanied by CEO’s and senior managers of the most important companies active in the Lithuanian energy sector. In the Netherlands the delegation met with several Dutch counterparts and visited LNG- and biomass-related sites, in both Groningen and Rotterdam.